Cast Iron Scrap

Free from mud, dust, fluff, non ferrous inclusions, excessive rust and
other impurities. Free from war and explosives, shells, cartridges,
other arms and ammunitions used or otherwise and any closed
containers. Free from any radioactive materials, any harmful
chemicals, substances, and coatings, any organic waste and any other
harmful substances. Dirt, dust rust, fluff and other impurities not
allowed over 1%.

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Type: Cast Iron Scrap
Fe Content: Mixed
Weight: 20 Tons
Fe Content (%): 99
Iron Scrap: Grade AA+
High purity iron scrap: aa
Packaging Details: on buyers request


C: 0, 54 – 0, 82%;
SI: 0, 18 – 0, 40%;
MN: 0, 60 – 1, 05%;
S: 0, 04% MAX;
P: 0,035% MAX;
AS: 0, 01% Max of mass

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