Palm Wax

Palm wax is a kind of plant wax which is prepared from plant and through complex process. It is also an important non petroleum wax. It’s a good raw material for candles. The candles prepared are smokeless, tasteless, non-toxic and conform to the trend of modern green consumption. Palm wax is not only a kind of natural, biodegradable raw material but a kind of renewable and inexhaustible resource. Palm wax blends well with other vegetable and paraffin waxes.When blended with paraffin Wax, it can used up to 60% -80% especially for container candles . But the proportion is depend on different kind of moulds.So pls do a test to ascertain the different proportion to each moulds. When it is making pillar candles, the portion should be reduced to less than 20%.

 Palm Wax Product futures  

1. Palm Wax

2. For making coating wax, polishing wax, color master batch

3. Higher softening point

4. Low viscosity

5.Flaky without agglomerating

Suggested usages

Using palm oil as the raw material, palm wax is fully natural,biodegradable, It is a renewable and inexhaustible resource.

In addition,it is a comparativelyenviroment-protecting biological wax.Except for the candle making, it is used as lubricant, waterproofing agent, polishing agent, etc.



Semi Hydrogenated Palm Wax
Color R≤3.0, Y≤30 R=2.8 , Y=20
Melting Point,°C 56-60 57.8
Iodine Value,g/100g 8-10 8.3
Acid value, mgKOH/g ≤5.0 0.86
MOISTURE ≤0.5 0.1
Fully Hydrogenated Palm Wax
Color R≤2.0, Y≤15 R=1 , Y=10
Melting Point,°C ≥58 58.5
Iodine Value,g/100g ≤0.5 0.35
Acid value, mgKOH/g ≤1.2 0.8
MOISTURE ≤0.3 0.09
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