Semi Refined Paraffin Wax

The product is an odorless solid under ambient temperature, can be molten by heating. The product is combustible, of low thermal and electric conductivity and strong moisture hold-up. It contains limited content of oil and indicates better moisture-proof, insulation, plasticity and chemical stability, etc.

The process of Paraffin Wax

The fully refined paraffin wax product made from natural crude-based oil containing wax through the process steps of solvent deoiling and hydrotrating.

The application:

1.Candle production like molding, dipping, drawing, extrusion/pressing.
2.Polishes to improve buff ability, to provide solvent binding and solvent retention properties.
3.Rubber & Plastic as mould release agents, plasticizers and lubricants in rubber blends.
4.Cosmetics and Pharmacy to act as base component in various formulations.
5.Paper Coating formulations covering packaging of food and non food article
6.Hot Melt Adhesives as cost-competitive blend component.
7.Chemical Industry as processing agents, raw materials, components.


Test method
Melting point /°C
GB/T 2539
Oil content(mass fraction)/%
0.8 max
GB/T 3554
Color/Saybolt scale
+27 min
GB/T 3555
Light Stability/#
+5 max
SH/T 0404
Penetration, (25°C),1/10mm
19 max
GB/T 4985
1 max
SH/T 0414
Water soluble acid/base
Not detected
SH/T 0407
Mechanical impurity & moisture
Not detected
Visual inspection
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